Another Edible Flowering Plant

After I finished the last post, I found a similar posting 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Eat that mentioned that all Allium buds are edible.  Well, I have a whole bank planted in wild flowers including nodding onion.  The flowers are well past the bud stage (most of them needing deadheading before I have even more little nodding onions), but I decided to try the flowers.  Yum!! they taste just like green onions!  I added them to salad and they were great — pretty little pale purple dots and a green-onion taste.

A picture of my wild flower bank with nodding onions (Allium cernuum). I just cut off the dangling little flowers and tossed them in salad. These are VERY easy to grow and put on quite a show. The yellow flower is wholly sunflower. I started both these plants by collecting a few seeds in the wild -- they were easy and do well on a southwest facing bank with no watering.


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