New Year’s Day Bird Feeder Count

In our area we count bird around bird feeders on January 1.  That works really well for me — in neighbouring Victoria, they do it Christmas Day, which seems like a poor time since most people — at least any with children — have better things to watch on Christmas morning.  Still, I suppose that if … Continue reading

Another Edible Flowering Plant

After I finished the last post, I found a similar posting 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Eat that mentioned that all Allium buds are edible.  Well, I have a whole bank planted in wild flowers including nodding onion.  The flowers are well past the bud stage (most of them needing deadheading before I have even … Continue reading

Edible flowering plants

We have this idea that a flowering plant is for decoaration, not dinner.  I’m discovering  that this isn’t necessarily so — and why not?  Both broccoli and cauliflower are flower buds. I recently read somewhere that musk mallow is excellent for salads — and indeed it is.  The leaves are sort of interchangble with lettuce — … Continue reading

It’s too Hot!

On Vancouver Island we are spoiled — days with temperatures too high to be comfortable are rare — and we can always go to somewhere cool — the river, the ocean, a lake .  .  .  Lots of possibilities. This is the third day of (probably) record-breaking high temperatures, though., and I am re-tinking my … Continue reading